Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fashionable Bridal Gown

Wedding is very precious day in every woman’s life she has a great expectation with her marriage day and it is memorable day for her. It is little tricky to select the best and perfect dress for wedding also bridal wants her dress will be unique or stylish. Now here is designer Vera Wang’s collection of wedding gowns with the latest designs, stylish and fashionable.

This dress includes the great design it has a big bow also a net cloth is includes with this dress. No doubt that Vera Wang is a famous wedding dress designer that offers the latest wedding dresses. This is the elegant or fashionable wedding gown that gives you a fantastic look in your wedding. Diamond jewelry is the perfect match with this bridal gown.

This wedding gown is also made with the best fabric also it is strapless dress with full length. Just pick this bridal dress and make your wedding memorable. Cream and maroon in the shade remaining bridal gown have gravel and golden silver varied work the length of with corresponding Indian wedding dupatta. Embroidered choli of extended distance end to end and sleeve size that can be can be complete. Custom change may comprise color just like fabric, sleeves or several any extra changes you like better.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Graceful bridal dress

Here is amazing bridal dress collection with the latest designs it comes with the best satin fabric, this bridal gown collection is perfect selection for bridal. If you ever like to wear fashionable clothes then this wedding collection gives you a lot, in little amount. These dress includes white, ivory colors some are strapless and some dress has great design sleeves just check out the collection above.

It is little difficult for a bridal to select out the best wedding dress but I am sure you find the finest wedding dress in this collection. Each designer design dresses in their style and creation that produces a huge collection of dresses in market. These bridal dresses are decorated with embroidery, some dress having plate designs. All dress are unique in itself, it depends on you whom design you pick. Wedding is a very important day for all and bridal has kept many dreams for this day she wants to look stunning in this day. So just pick your wedding dress from here.

And the bridal dress this is a personality print lying on it and that has sewing every one in excess of in strand thread along with small piece of bridal dress in embroidery prototype. This is a very stylish group ideal for bridal dress or and the size is obtainable for boy elderly 3 years old as well as awake. Via

More Brides Considering Cutting Budget DueTo Economy

This latest wedding stat, courtesy of TheWeddingReport.com, shows the percentage of brides that are actively cutting costs for their wedding due to the recent economic downturn in 2009.

Only 33% of brides surveyed claimed they are not cutting their overall wedding budget at all, while 18% of brides stating they will cut between 10-20 percent.

If you had to cut something from your wedding, due to budget constraints, what would it be?

Also, if you're looking for some wedding budget tips and advice, head on over here and see the latest cost-cutting wedding ideas submitted by BrideTide.com members!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Amsale Collection of Wedding Gowns

Here is Amsale’s collection of wedding gowns this is the best and stylish wedding gown collection. Details includes it is strapless dress in white color it is fully design dress. When you wear this wedding gown every one puts their even on you. Also you feel comfortable and fashionable in this wedding gown. This is the unique design bridal dress you can match diamond jewelry with this wedding gown also high heel sandals are perfect for your complete and stylish look. To make this wedding gown designer focus in its chic designs that gives you a perfect look in your wedding. Fashions of wedding gown are ever change people try to purchase some unique and stylish wedding dress from designer collection. Designer Amsale offer you a unique and elegant collection of wedding gowns. You can buy this wedding gown and make your wedding memorable. Just pick this weeding gown best and perfect for your wedding. This is the elegant or fashionable wedding gown that gives you a fantastic look in your wedding. Diamond jewelry is the perfect match with this bridal gown. This wedding gown is also made with the best fabric also it is strapless dress with full length. Just pick this bridal dress and make your wedding memorable.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Taffeta’s Collection of Wedding Gowns

Taffeta offers the finest collection of wedding gowns this is the unique and gorgeous collection of wedding gowns. This Taffeta wedding gown’s collection has the finest designs it is strapless wedding gown with A-cut style. This is best bridal gown also divers from other designer’s collections. The fully dress is design on a satin cloth with a netting cloth this affordable wedding dress is available in many colors including Ivory, White, and Deep Ivory you can select anyone color that perfects on your style. Taffeta is a best bridal gown designer that always introduces the finest collection of bridal gowns. This wedding gown is perfect for your bridal look. This is one-piece bridal dress decorated with netting cloth also you can wear matching jewelry with this wedding gown and high heel sandals are also astonishing with this gown that gives you a perfect look In your wedding. This is a best taffeta collection is the best bridal clothing and Pick this wedding gowns and make your wedding memorable. You feel comfortable and stylish in this wedding gown. This gown is made with silk cloth and fully decorated with thread embroidery and this is the unique collection wedding dress hat makes you a perfect bridal.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Designer Wedding Gown

Here is exclusive wedding gown for your wedding ceremony in market you find a big material but to select out the perfect and stunning bridal dress is little tricky. Here is bridal dress from shopofbrides.com, it is just ideal bridal dress with the best design, and the most remarkable thing in this bridal dress is that it includes model sleeves dress is decorated with embroidery. It is full-length dress made by satin fabric. If you are confuse to pick the best and fashionable bridal dress then just visit out this bridal dress collection.

You find many wedding gowns in market but this bridal dress is just finest to wear. It is essential to select fashionable wedding gown it is slight tricky but not unfeasible for more bridal dress just visit out shopofbrides.com. This dress is available in white, ivory colors also in all size. Just pick this bridal dress and make your wedding memorable.

This wedding gowns not easy to discover a pleasing bridal gowns, still gowns you are the tall and slight. If you are the fewer fashionably design and similar to a pear figure or wedding gowns is you are the small, judgment correct dress that can be a actual test.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hervé Mariage: Cerise The Unique Gown

Gowns are lady’s identity and lady with gown that is a total beauty that give a unique attraction and lady with gown look perfect all time. For that combination of gown and lady if you are going to be a bride so you should watch that collection because that gown is filled with rose beauty and theme and after wearing that gown you will look as a perfect bride and every ones eyes will on you that will a big achievement for you. That gown is dramatic combination of both fabric and colors create this unforgettable gown and also decorated with decorative silk flowers that look like as genuine rose and you feel like a prince if you are thinking as for your wedding so that can be a good choice for you that unique gown is available in All Ivory, Red/Black, or Ivory and Champagne those are best for you and you can choose your one so don’t waste your time and collect your one for your weeding.

Gowns are an important demand of wedding and every bride want to get best in the world for her best wadding and want to give total look at the time of wedding for that she find all collections of gown and choose her best. That is a fact gown are more special for wedding and it’s all fits and styles depend on choice of bride what she want to get. Via

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bridesmaid Wedding Dress

This is a Earlier I bogged about the four wedding dresses as of the last four designers on top of scheme landing strip. Afterward this week four designers that will be demonstrate their last collection on New York fashion Week. Healthy, if you is not a by now be acquainted with, the Bridesmaid Wedding Dress collections are by now up lying on BravoTV website! There are a number of beautiful dresses in collection that might with no problem translate into sole fashion onward bridesmaids dresses with method that will place the examination of occasion. The pinnacle absent is a blue bridesmaids dress designed by Kenley. Top correct is beautiful teal clothing by Korto, with emerald bead and an admirer to there from feel and attention. Too, did I talk about that fan are an actually cute alternative to a bridesmaids bouquet? The base two dresses are from Leanne’s compilation, gorgeous and graceful while still maintain her name architectural method.

Last nighttime be fraction one of Project landing strip ending and it was the incident anywhere they total the last cut as of four to three in order to show their collections at Bryant Park. The final challenge was to make a bridesmaid dress to organize with the wedding dress from their last Bridesmaid collection.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Style H537- Wedding Dresses OF Couture

Watch that gown that is presenting by House of Brides yes that have a lot of collections for your memorable wedding that you always want for you and want to show your choice and unique beauty at the time of your wedding. That collection of wedding dress designed by Jasmine who spends lot of time for giving best in the world of wedding dress and that is one of them that are stylish mix of classic silhouettes married with innovative design that good looking and stylish wedding dress is full with modern sense and comfort.

That can be not only a good but also a glorious choice for you. That is an idol craftsmanship of design. On that dress embroidery work if fabulous and mind blowing on all gowns from every angel that gown looks stylish and perfect its back look is very attractive good and modified sweetheart neckline show your beauty with respect.

That gown is perfect and good for all brides who want to get total beauty at the time of wedding and want to make their wedding un- forgettable in their life and want to get more formation click on via and find that you want for your wedding.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Princess bridal dress

It is little difficult to select out the best and most astonishing bridal gown but now here is latest and most excellent wedding gown you just say wow after perceive this bridal gown, you can call this dress as prince wedding dress. I found this bridal dress from shopofbrides.com. You just have to spend $30 for buying this bridal gown and also you can match diamond jewelry with this bridal dress that gives you a brilliant look.

This wedding gown is fully design with golden thread and pearly with full length, satin ribbon is also put at the mid side of this dress. To make this bridal dress finest fabric is use also the dress has white color perfect for your wedding day. If you are seeking for bridal dress then I just suggest you that this prince-wedding gown is wonderful and comfortable, it is rally gorgeous bridal dress. It is Just check out this bridal gown collection and select out your wedding day dress. And all designing this designing is best on latest fashionable concept and this is not more expensive I mean you are easily affording this product because all designing for this product is similar to latest concept.

Will Your Wedding Have A Tweet of Honor?

An emerging trend in the bridal scene is changing the way couples choose to share their special day with distant relatives and friends.

Imagine being at a wedding and seeing someone in the crowd typing furiously on their phone or laptop as if they didn’t even know there was a life changing celebration going on just feet away. Would you say something to them? Would you simply dismiss it as a rude inconsiderate act? Well, don’t be too quick to judge. This person could be immersed in their own little digital world at the exact request of the bride and groom. Allow us to explain.

A recent press release by Hitched.co.uk suggests that engaged couples now need to begin appointing a new key role in their wedding party. They explain that along with your Best Man and Bridesmaids, you now need to make sure you choose someone to be your Chief Twitter.

So what’s a Chief Twitter? {We like Tweet of Honor better)
In simple terms, a couple’s Tweet of Honor, is a specific person designated by the couple whose role is to keep everyone who can’t be at your wedding up to date via short Twitter messages.

On their website, Hitched.co.uk even goes as far as suggesting the ideal main elements that make up the duties for this new wedding role:

- The Tweet of Honor will be required to register an Twitter address for your wedding day : Example: BobSue2009
- The Tweet of Honor will email your virtual guests with the address so they can follow along during the day
- This person will also update Twitter frequently throughout the big day so everyone know when the couple arrives at the church and the exact moment the vows are exchanged.
- Also be required to read out any messages of good luck that have been sent back after the event.

We figure a Tweet of Honor can be either a male or a female and could very well be a text savvy teenager who would probably appreciate the opportunity to stay connected to the Internet throughout the entire day.

Although we understand the concept, we just still don’t get this wedding fad. But, we could be wrong.

So, I guess my only question to you is:
What would you do if someone asked you to be his or her Tweet of Honor?

Wedding Stat of the Week: How Far Brides Travel To Purchase Bridal Shower Invitaitons

We love sharing these cool little wedding statistics with all of our readers.

Courtesy of The Wedding Report

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fashionable Bridal Dress

Designers go for away of a show extremely focused and wonderfully executed collection of wedding gowns. To make this wedding dress use of ethnic prints, wood bead embroidery and muted colors. The full dress is design and embroidered also it is design in finest fabric, surely this dress gives you a stunning look that everyone puts there eyes on you. This silhouette is known, but I’ve certainly not seen these dresses earlier than! It is really gorgeous and fashionable bridal dress. It is heavy embroidered bridal gown, you can match diamond jewelry with this wedding gown also high heel sandal are perfect for this gown, It is available in white color. Also it is strapless wedding gown, you believe comfortable and stylish in this bridal gown. It is really a perfect collection and extremely outstanding wedding gown, just pick this wedding gown and make your look perfect and fashionable in your wedding. All concept for this wedding dress is based on latest fashion and this wedding dress is not more expensive but looking very nice. And this wedding dress is much reliable and comfortable. Really I love this fashionable bridal wedding dress and all designing on wedding dress I mean exterior and interior design is very nice I mean just like gorgeous.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flower Girl Importance of Wedding

In every wedding that importance have a flower girl that haven’t any other one because flower girls there is as a symbol of haven and they are being part of wedding and hare for give their blasé and wish. There importance is must because we are going to beget our customs and we can’t forget them in our wedding.

For that our little girls play that role at the time of wedding and they look very cute and attractive all the time of wedding and we cant forget their image as wedding couples dress important as flower girls dress is also important and they are going to part of you’re wedding so how can you forget their importance at the time of wedding.

If you want to customize your wedding with a Dream so you can choose dress with your choice of 55 color accents to match your bridal gown or bridesmaid dress so that you wish to your wedding because you are going to shape your wedding and you are not neglecting that and you want flower girls look with you and she is to look as a little bride or not only you but also that little girl will attract your guests at the time of wedding along with you a beauty full bride and a cute flower girl that will a wonder and perfection and going to be at your wedding. Via

Friday, March 20, 2009

Golden Bridal Gown

Are you going to become bridal? If yes then just visit out this here I found latest bridal gowns collection. Shopofbrides.com offer you the latest design dresses that gives you a gorgeous look, also you believe comfortable in this bridal gown I has great feature including the fully dress is design by net fabric, it has golden color gives a unique look to this dress. It is strapless wedding gown. Also dress includes a dupatta it is strapless dress.

This bridal gown is so finest and incredible, really so fantastic dress. It includes golden thread design in mid of this dress. Shopofbrides.com present you the most excellent design dresses that give you exclusive look in your wedding. This is the luxury collection of bridal gowns that everyone makes their eye on you. Fully dress is embroidered also dupatta is embroidered with the big length it has so fantastic dress. Just pick this wedding gown and you get a best look. And I like this wedding dress because this dress is providing best future just like luxury all dress, flexible, reliable and more efficient. Actually this wedding dress is very expensive but I think show special moment special gift your wife is wedding dress is very best.

2009 Bridesmaids Market Report

2009 bridesmaid wedding report

This week, The Wedding Report released a new 2009 report and dataset detailing trends in the bridesmaid segment of the wedding industry.
Here are some highlights:

• There are an average 4.3 bridesmaids per wedding accounting for an estimated 9.53 million bridesmaids spending $9.61 billion.

• A single bridesmaid will spend $1,009 on dress to travel and the number of bridesmaids per wedding is expected to increase by 10.6% to 10.54 million by 2014, pushing the average bridesmaids per wedding to 4.5.

• The average bridesmaid will spend an estimated 2% more in 2014 than 2009 moving the average spend to $1,029. The 2014 market value is estimated to be $10.85 billion.

• Besides general cost growth, spending is expected to remain relatively flat. The two biggest factors driving growth are 1) increased number of weddings and 2) a growth in the average number of bridesmaids.

• The bridesmaid dataset includes a detailed breakdown of expense categories at the US, State, Metro, City, and Zip Code level.

The full report and dataset are included in the yearly subscription to The Wedding Report.

(Source: Bridaluxe.com Newsletter)

Stay current and up-to-date on all the newest wedding market trends.
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Exclusive Bridal Gown

Here is latest designer’s wedding gown best for your overall look. This dress includes great feature it has the best and latest designs also the color of this dress is so excellent you feel stylish in this bridal dress, sleeves of this wedding gown is most excellent the fully gown is embroidered. Bridal has a big dreams and excitement about the day of her wedding, she always want to look chic and exclusive in her wedding.

You can match diamond jewelry with this wedding gown, high heel sandals are perfect match with this dress. You can buy this bridal gown in just $30 I think this is the most excellent bridal gown collection. Design of this bridal gown is also fashionable you look like a princess in this bridal dress. There is a lot of stuff in market for bridals but this shopofbrides.com offers you the superb and fashionable dresses. And I love this wedding dress because that is providing much batter and exclusive services and all concept and designing is based on new look and this wedding dress is more reliable and comfortable. The interior designing and outer design is much batter from another wedding dress and exclusive wedding dress is generally used on best moment just like celebration and wedding.

Wedding Cake Made From 80 Pac Man Cupcakes

This was just submitted to our Offbeat category on our site and we simply had to share.  Looks like the original source came from here.  Could you imagine the entire wedding theme? Sweet.

Like unforgettable cakes? Try Cake Wrecks

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Prefect Wedding Gown

It is well known thing that it is extremely exciting for all brides to select the just right and fashionable bridal dress in the preparation of her particular marriage day. Here is wedding dress from shopofbrides.com a dazzling collection of wedding dress for the Elegant and Modern bride. It is combination of customary and modern designs.

This wedding gown has been intended to increase and praise each bride’s figure, so that she can feel fantastic an comfortable on the wedding ceremony. This dress has style no. WDMC0002 perfect for your overall look, it is decorated with full embroidered also it includes designed sleeves that make this dress more gorgeous.

I think this is the perfect wedding gown that gives you great comfort and style. If you are going for buy your wedding dress then this WDMC0002 wedding dress is most excellent, just check out the above pictures. Wedding is most precious day for all bridal make it memorable. This is more comfortable and not high expensive dresses but generally out of Indian citizens used for this perfect wedding dress. And this perfect wedding dress is much reliable from another wedding dress and represents much batter comfortable future so I can say you used this product in your special moment just like wedding, celebration etc.

Collection of Free Planning Tools From Eco Chic Wedding

This wonderful collection of planning tools from Eco Chic Wedding are free for you to download and print. Click on each tool/icon for more details.

To reduce the amount of ink used while printing, the great folks over at Eco Chic Wedding have formatted all the files in grayscale. Although using a paperless online planner would be a more eco-friendly tool, we understand it is not always the most practical when you are away from your computer visiting vendors and sourcing venues.

When printing this planner, we encourage you to print multiple pages on one sheet. Click here for multi-page printing instructions.

Send us your thoughts!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top 100 Wedding Blogs (and Twitters) To Follow In 2009

best wedding blogs

top wedding blogsBelow you will find the best & most popular active wedding blogs that truly create, drive and inspire the pulse of our bridal industry. If available, we tried to also include their tweet info so you can easily follow them on @Twitter. Also, if you notice, we did not list all 100, but instead opted for leaving a bit of room to add the blogs we accidentally forgot about. Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the great wedding blogs out there. Send us an email to suggest a wedding blog or update your information. Thanks and congrats to the blogs listed!

DIY Wedding

Follow the latest trends in do-it-yourself wedding projects. Save some money by checking out these DIY wedding blogs.


A weblog and community dedicated to do-it-yourself wedding projects.



100 Layer Cake

Crafting your wedding, layer by layer.


Etsy Wedding

Shop for unique, handmade wedding items on Etsy, a global handmade marketplace.



The Handcrafted Wedding

The cure for the common wedding.



Design Goodies for ìI Doî-it-yourseself weddings



2000 Dollar Wedding

Budget-minded, hand-crafted, eco-friendly tips + advice


Design, Style & Fashion

Find chic wedding styles and the hottest bridal designs and fashions for your special day at one of these blogs.

Syle Me Pretty

For the style obsessed bride.


Wedding Paper Divas

Wedding News, Articles & Guides On Invitations, Planning, Cards & Etiquette.


StyleSchool from InStyle Weddings

Inspiring celebrity wedding fashions, tips and tricks.


Polka Dot Bride

Polka Dot Bride is an Australian wedding blog dedicated to inspiring you to create a beautiful wedding uniquely yours.



Offbeat Bride

Altar your way of thinking and dare to walk off the beaten aisle.


Austin Wedding Blog

Trendy and chic wedding resource from Austin,TX.



Karen Smallbone

Karen shares her creative ideas with anyone who is looking for something beautiful to give to their guests.


Perfect Bound

Bridal, Style, Design and Dish


Bridal Cheek

A journey toward non-traditional wedding bliss, with style.


Lucky Me

The Official blog of Lucky Designs



Santa Barbara | Wedding Chic

For the destination bride who canít leave her style at home.


Vintage Glam Weddings Blog

Vintage wedding styles and trends.



Trendsetting Wedding

A modern blog with romantic flair that is dedicated to providing wedding planning ideas



Eco & Green

Finds tons of info on having an eco-friendly green wedding event with the help of these creative ethical blogs.

Earth Friendly Weddings

The official blog of EarthlyAffairs.com.


Blue Planet Wedding

Green, ethical and eco-friendly wedding information.


Ethical Weddings

Give everone something to celebrate.




Find the bridal inspiration you need for your wedding day and beyond by visiting one of these thought leader blogs.

The Ritzy Bee

Little details that make events, weddings + life so charming and fun!


The Unbride

Covers weddings that are both unconventional and unforgettable.



Blogger Brides

A wonderful online blogging community brought to you by GetMarried.com



Bridal Buzz

The latest and greatest trends, products and inspirations for all kinds of weddings and events.


Blush Events

Dedicated to everything pretty, some things wedding, and a little bit of life.


Classic Bride

Classic Bride is a daily blog that strives to celebrate a balance between the traditions of yesterday and the modern trends of today.


Junebug Weddings

Its easy to see that Junebug Weddings is an absolute fanatic about wedding planning, fashion, food, shopping, creativity and beauty of all kinds.


Our One Heart

The blog is now part of the fantastic network of Blisstree.


Wedding Fanatic

Inspiration and style from a fellow wedding fanatic.


Oh Joy!

Soft + Pretty = Style


Inspired Goodness

Your source for creative and distinct ideas for your next event.


A $10,000 Wedding

Can she do it?


The Wedding Chicks

Connecting Sassy Brides



Bellissima Vita Blog

Fun + Fresh ideas for Weddings and Beyond.


Hostess With The Mostess

Fabulous finds + Inspiration for contemporary entertaining



Presented by Sasha Souza.



Snippet & Ink

Daily Wedding Inspiration.



Weddingbee is a wedding blog updated daily by 20 or so real brides across the world.


The Blissful Bride

Living + Learning + Loving All Things Wedding.


Brendas Wedding Blog

Daily inspiration for the one-of-a-kind bride and groom



Intimate Weddings

Prroviding brides with a slew of planning articles, as well as a place to find the ideal venue for their small wedding.



Savvy Scoop | OneWeds Bridal Blog

The official wedding blog of OneWeds



PWP Wedding Blog

Products With Personality Wedding Favors Blog is designed with you in mind.



Color your wedding beautiful with this wonderful blog.


The Pink Book Blog

Classic + Cutting edge inspiration for your magical day!


This group of blogs offers stylish practical wedding tips & ideas to make your event even more special.

Simply Stated

This blog from RealSimple.com is a must for finding information about simplifying your life.


WeddingWire Blog

Plan. Share. Organize



Simply Modern Weddings

Fresh. Chic. Simple


Cynthia Martyn Events Style Blog

Elegant ideas.



Truly Engaging

Celebrating the Big picture


The Lazy Bride's Guide

Quick tips for the Lazy Bride who wants a fabbo wedding but doesn't have the time.



A Practical Wedding

Creative. Thrifty. Sane.


These vendor blogs have a lot to offer for planning, style, and more.

Weddingbee Pro

Weddingbee PRO is a blog updated daily by some of the most talented wedding vendors in the industry today.


Lemiga Events

Exquisite Design + Flawless Coordination



Pink Cake Box Blog

The Pink Cake Box Blog is a must read for some sweet inspiration.



Blue Orchid Designs

Luxury is in the details.


The Wish Blog

It all started with two women entrepreneurs and a wish to fulfill a special niche in the wedding marketplace.



Rice Ink

A peek into the days + ways of an artist turned stationery designer



BeSpoke | A White Box Blog

It is thinking inside The White Box.



Pearl Events

By Aletha Vander Maas



Wedding News
Get the latest wedding news and stay up-to-date on the latest buzz in the bridal industry.


The Official website for user-generated wedding news. A constant flow of bridal info.



Wedded Bits Blog

Expert bridal advice, tips, trend coverage plus celebrity wedding news.



Planning Advice
If you are seeking help with etiquette, trends, or just completing projects, these blogs have what youíre looking for.


WM! was started in 1998, making it one of the older online websites full of everything wedding related.



Martha Stewart Weddings

The Bride's Guide: Ideas from the Editors of Martha Stewart Weddings



Simply Dazzling Events

Wedding planning advice + wedding and lifestyle eye candy!



Always A Blogsmaid

Wedding Advice and tips to help brides get married with less stress and more style.



MyWedding.com Blog

Great advice articles and bridal trend coverage.


Bride Diva

Not Your Momma's Wedding Advice.



Planning | Forever Events Blog

For the love of laughter and wedding planning.



Tried and True Weddings

The advice to get you something borrowed, something blue.


Wedding Etiquette by Luxurious Weddings

Dedicated to bringing you the best resources to complete your wedding planning.


Globetrotting Bride

Where travel + weddings collide in style.




Complete your arsenal of everything wedding related and visit these other bridal resources.

Celebrating excellent wedding blogs online


Here Comes The Guide

Your insiderís guide to California weddings and events


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Daily wedding inspiration for the Southern California Bride



The Man Registry | Grooms Advice Blog

Wedding registry for men + top groom's resource for wedding planning information including bachelor parties.



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The Events by Evonne blog.



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Helpful online wedding planning guide with 100's of wedding ideas.



TheKnot.com Community

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Dallas Wedding Planner Blog

Dallas Wedding Planner presents this great bridal resource.


iVillage Weddings

Where you'll find all of the top wedding planning essentials.



Get the bridezilla perspective on wedding planning , wedding etiquette, fashion, lifestyle and much more.



A gallery of deformed, distasteful and bizarrely decorated wedding and birthday cakes.



wedding blogs

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Bridesmaid dresses

Are you looking for bridesmaid’s dresses, flower girl dresses that are wedding suitable? If yes then here is a selection for you just check out the above bridesmaid dress, greatest for your look, this dress has great feature it is available in all size also it has fantastic color with the best design, wedding is a precious day for all the members of groom as well bridal’s family.

But the bridesmaids are more excited for bridal’s wedding she also wants to look some different and special in her sister’s marriage and clothing make her unique and beautiful this is full length bridesmaid dress also includes satin ribbon in mid of the dress that make it more gorgeous, I am sure this bridesmaid dress makes you perfect and tremendous you can also match some diamond jewelry with this dress. It is available in all colors Just pick this dress and make your look fantastic. All of future for this bridesmaid dresses is very conceptual and this is very comfortable dress. This bridesmaid’s dresses is a type of wedding and celebration dresses and generally out of India utilize popularity is very high because this shut on foreign culture and Indian higher society generally used this bridesmaid’s dresses.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Elite Red Bridal Dress

Here is red color bridal dress the mainly gorgeous bridal dress with the wonderful design, I found this perfect bridal dress from wedding-dress-gowns.com. Red is symbol of love also this color is the first choice of all girls. Undoubtedly it is pretty and cute red bridal gown I have seen many bridal dress but this red bridal dress is excellent just ideal for your model look in your wedding ceremony. This dress includes best feature it has full length with double plate, it is design with thread embroidered also it is strapless wedding gown.

Wedding-dress-gowns.com always offer the most exclusive collection of bridal dress that gives you dazzling look, bridal always wants to seems unique and beautiful in her wedding day I m sure this style WD08-0001 wedding dress is most fabulous that’s perfect for wedding day. To make this bridal dress the best satin fabric is used just try this wedding gown it is comfy with stylish bridal dress. Via

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fabulous Satin and Organza bridal dress

Here is latest Satin & Organza bridal dress with the most excellent design it is different from other designer dress, it includes Detachable Beaded Tulle Cap Sleeves that make this dress unique. Bridal always wants to look special she kept some dreams for this day also she wants look best in her wedding ceremony day. I found this latest dress bridal dress it is wonderful dress that gives you fashionable look in your wedding day.

To make this dress satin fabric is use back side of this dress is also stylish it is embroidered dress. Fashion of bridal dress is ever changeable but designer makes us update with the latest fashion and offer latest wedding dress collection. This wedding dress is available in white color, just pick this wedding gown and make your wedding day memorable. Clothing play a vital role in look of bridal and this dress is perfect just trying this wedding dress.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bridesmaid Collection Of Dresses

Girls now I m introduces the latest collection of bridesmaid dress in most wonderful deign and colors. These dresses I have found from morilee.com, bridesmaid also like to seem beautiful in her sister’s wedding. Girls If you have marriage at your home and you are looking for wedding dress then I suggest you these dresses are most excellent that gives you a dazzling look.

These dresses design by a flowing, swing skirt made with a satin fabric. Also it is decorated with eat embroidery and lace in different design. shape of these dresses is amazing I think it is the wonderful dress. The flower shape of this dress is tremendous. I have look out the whole market and found these dresses are the attractive from other dresses.

These all are strapless dresses simple but elegant I just love to wear these prom dress it really comfortable with attractive. You can ad some latest design jewelry and high heels sandal with these dress that will perfect look. Just visit out once this morilee.com surely you get a great collection of dresses. All dresses are available in different colors and design just select out your preferred dress.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tremendous Collection Of Bridal Dress

Wedding is a special day for every one and all wants to make it memorable. Here I found some beautiful wedding gown it is specially made for bridals if you are going to be a bridal and looking for wedding gown? Then just visit out this latest trendy dress it is design by designer Camille.� This bridal dress is design with diamond-stone, it is made with satin fabric with a fish cut A- line full gown. The full dress is design also the sleeve of this gown is brilliant. Back side of this gown is also design with stone it is available in white color.

Neck shape is also attractive you can match similar jewelry with this dress. I m sure all people will focus on you this dress gives you tremendous look. I m sure you will never find anywhere this same wedding dress it is unique piece of bridal dress. This wedding gown shine like stars also easy to wear and you feel comfortable in this bridal dress. Cutting of this dress is excellent I m sure you will also love to wear this wedding gown on your wedding day. Keep your gaze attractive and fashionable on your wedding. Via
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