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Toddler Tuxedo

toddler tuxedo

Keep your tiny tot well-dressed and prepared for any special occasion with any of the suits for toddlers available on the Internet. With the right tuxedo or formal pant set, your little tyke will cause all the little girls' heads to turn when they see your dashing little boy enter the room of any party or social occasion. The following information should serve as a basic guide to the types of formal suits for toddlers you can expect to find.

Dress Suits for Toddlers and Formal Pant Sets

If you're attending a function that has a less formal bent than a "black tie" affair, you might want to consider a dress suit. Choose a navy dress suit made of 100% polyester with a matching vest. A white dress shirt with a laydown collar and printed tie complements the styling of the 3-button suit. Add leather brown shoes and belt and you'll know that you must be dressing the next President.

toddler tuxedo

Or if a tuxedo jacket isn't required for your special occasion, besides the formal suits for toddlers that are offered online, you may like opting for a formal pant set. Choose a pant set in black and add a celadon shirt with laydown collar and tie. Add a matching celadon pocket square for a bit of flair. You can keep your little gent well-attired with the number of formal suits for toddlers that are sold online.

Tuxedos for Toddlers

If you've been added to the invitation to a more formal affair, then any of the tuxedos for toddlers will be perfect for your son. Be daring if not brave and choose white or ivory. Just make sure your tot stays away from any chocolate, grape jelly or similar substance. Of course it's up to you but probably black is your safest bet.

toddler tuxedo

The tuxedo, made of 100% polyester, provides comfort and minimal care. You can pick tuxedos with 1, 2 or 3 buttons, notch or shawl lapels and satin lining. Select from poly satin vests or cummerbunds in various colors with matching tuxedo ties. Most trousers are at cuff for easy hemming.

Tuxedo Shirts

Just as important as the tuxedo, the tuxedo shirt helps complete the entire look. Choose shirts with banded and wingtip collars or the classic laydown style collar in white, black, burgundy, red, royal blue or rust. Add a poly satin vest and bow tie or even a cummerbund.

toddler tuxedo

A "Vested" Interest

Vests are great accessories as they come in a number of colors in easy care poly satin. Even buttons are covered with the "satin" to give each vest a pure look of elegance. Colors like silver, gold emerald, lavender, red, royal blue and light pink are some of the colors to choose from beside basic colors of black and white.

The above information is a basic guide. If you follow it you're sure to find the perfect suit or tuxedo for your little boy.

Tuxedo Styles

tuxedo styles

Tuxedos are no longer as commonly worn as they used to be, but for a formal event like your wedding, it's best to review and to know the basic tuxedo styles available. What you wear directly affects how you look and feel during your wedding. To help you know the different tuxedo styles available, we're providing you with information on one of the most popular wedding tuxedo styles available: the single breasted tuxedo.

tuxedo styles

The Single Breasted Tuxedo

The single breasted tuxedo is characterized mainly by its jacket. Just like other tuxedos, a formal single breasted tuxedo requires you to wear a tie or bow tie, a cummerbund or vest and matching pants.

Single breasted tuxedos are more casual than their double breasted counterparts. The jacket for this type of tuxedo closes with a narrow overlap that is fastened with a single row of buttons. Although most single breasted tuxedos are one-button, you will also find multiple-button single-breasted tuxedo jackets on the market.tuxedo styles

Picking Out Single Breasted Tuxedos

When picking out any style of wedding tuxedo, you need to first consider the time of the ceremony and the formality of the affair. Also, depending on your wedding's level of formality, you have to decide on whether or not you're going for full tails for your tuxedo or if you're going for a more casual look.

Deciding on tuxedo-color and style also depends on whether you're having a day wedding or a night wedding. You're not supposed to wear a black single breasted tuxedo to a morning wedding, but a dark gray tux instead. Forgo the full tails for daytime events and wear a single breasted tuxedo with either peak or shawl lapels. If your semi-formal wedding will be held at night, go for a traditional black, single-breasted tuxedo.

tuxedo styles

You should also consider your body frame when choosing among single breasted tuxedo styles. If you're short, pick a one-button single breasted tuxedo. You can wear a vest or a cummerbund with this tuxedo style. If you're wearing a vest, just make sure you find a low vest that will help add length to your frame. Steer clear from long tails and double-breasted coats to avoid appearing shorter than you are.

If you have a more rotund frame, wear a single-breasted tuxedo, but avoid jackets with two or more buttons. Forgo the vest if you are short and stocky.

It doesn't matter if you're buying a new tuxedo or if you're renting one. Pick a single breasted tuxedo with a classic cut, style and color for a more dignified look.

Accessorizing Your Suit

Self-expression is all good, but getting too creative with your attire for a formal wedding isn't recommended. You will find cummerbunds and vests in zany colors and designs, but keep in mind that for any formal event, especially your wedding, it's better to stick with the classics than to experiment with different wacky looks.

When to Wear It

Single breasted tuxedos are worn for black tie or semi-formal events. For a white tie affair or an über-formal wedding, go for a double breasted suit over your single breasted tux.

Kids Tuxedo

kids tuxedo

The most popular wedding shoes are usually ivory in color, and they come in many styles. You can have these shoes dyed to match your dress exactly. There are other accessories that you can buy to match your shoes such as your wedding handbag.

The show styles range in style from elegant heels, sandals, ballet type slippers, peep toes shoes, sling backs, and closed toe pumps, with heels in any size. If you are going for comfort I would look to the more flat heel shoes for dancing and keeping comfortable during the reception.

I had my shoes made with the comfortable cloth clog with beautiful lace and pearl décor put on them. I wore these when I was measured for my gown. I wanted a low shoe that I knew would be comfortable for the whole evening. They were done in Ivory as I wore an Ivory gown.

Many women are going with Ivory gowns, white gowns are beautiful, but also very bright, ivory is a more mellow color. You should take a piece of the fabric from your dress to be sure that the shoes are perfectly died to match.

kids tuxedo

Often shoes can become uncomfortable if you wear really high heels and you end up kicking them off for dancing at the wedding, which is fine except your gown will drag, as it was made with the higher heel measurements.

There are many styles of shoes that you can try on at the wedding boutiques. You can choose different materials and amount of embellishments as well. Be sure that they are comfortable, and pick them up a few weeks before the wedding so you can wear them around your house to break them in. This is a great help for comfort during your big day.

kids tuxedo

Men also have a use for Ivory wedding shoes that match their tuxedo. Some men go with the ivory tuxedo and there are shoes to match for them as well. The style options are more limited, but there are a few different options. These are usually rented with the Tux.

Find a style of shoe that compliments your dress or gown. They will be noticed more when a short wedding dress is worn, and the higher heel shoes are usually the choice here. With a gown they really are not seen as much, so flat shoes will work just as well.

kids tuxedo

With a shorter wedding dress I is very important that the shoes are dyed to match the dress perfectly. You can get fabric, leather, and other types of materials. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Keep in mind that your choice will be something you will wear for several hours and late into the night in most cases. If you choose to wear heels and then switch to slippers later, watch the bottom of the gown. You can have your shoes cleaned and preserved with your wedding gown after the wedding if you want to.

Black Tie Tuxedo

black tie tuxedo

So, you received an invitation to a "black-tie" event. That's a good thing. It means that someone thinks enough of you to include you in something very special, very formal and sophisticated. But, if you've never been to a black-tie gathering, you may be wondering what to wear. At an important social event, the last thing you want to do is commit a fashion faux pas.

So, for a man, this should be easy, right? You have a black necktie, so you're good to go! Not necessarily. While the standards vary from country to country and even from event to event, the general consensus is that black-tie means a tuxedo. A black or dark suit with a white shirt and black neckties or bow ties may be acceptable, but could be risky. If you opt for the suit and tie, the shirt should be crisp and the tie should, if possible, be made from black satin-silk. In the long run, use your own discretion, but use some good old common sense, too. For instance, if you've been invited to a black-tie event at the White House, go with the tux with the classic black bow tie look! If you are uncertain about the formality, it is better to overdress. After all, traditional black tie means black tuxedo, black bow tie, and a white pocket square.

black tie tuxedo

As for your date, this is an opportunity for her to flaunt her absolute best. Bring out the DeLaurentis! There are far less restrictions on black-tie attire for women, as long as it's very formal. While basic black is always a good bet, colors, sparkle and glitz are perfectly fine. After all, she's got the perfect accessory: You, dressed in a color that matches anything in her wardrobe. Although the classic full-length gown is probably most widely accepted, a skirt and top may work to semi-formal, or "black tie optional" events. The skirt hem should fall below her knees; anything shorter is generally not considered formal. Low backs or plunging necklines may be suitable, but consider the guest list before trying anything daring.

How about accessories? For the gentleman, cufflinks definitely belong, and those with a little bit of flash - diamonds or emeralds perhaps, will add a touch of class. If you don't have a dress watch, don't wear a watch. The ladies have more leeway here, as well. Diamond bangles, a small sequined handbag, cubic zirconia earrings and matching broche or bracelets - accessorize, but keep it tasteful.

Formal shoes are an absolute must for both of you and they should be immaculate. Guys, if you don't know how to shine your shoes, have them done professionally. Just like solid color black ties are needed, your shoes should be no other color than black and shined to perfection. Gals, wear the shoes that best bring your ensemble together. Coordination is the key.

black tie tuxedo

Finally, remember that you need to look as good as your outfit. A visit to the hair stylist is in order. A clean trim for him, including any facial hair, and a simple up do for her. Consider a manicure. Yes, both of you. Check your smile and if necessary, get to your dentist for a cleaning or use a commercial whitening treatment. Remember the deodorant and mouthwash. It may be a long, warm night and you'll likely be in close proximity to people during your conversations.

Still confused? "Black-Tie Attire" is a snap if you mimic the right icons. Guys, think James Bond (any of them). Girls, go with Audrey Hepburn.

White Tuxedos

white tuxedos

A couple of times a year a man and/or a woman generally go to a formal event and needs to wear a tuxedo. There are many choices of Tuxedos and the question that is typically asked when visiting a store that sells tuxedos is should I wear a white tuxedo or a black tuxedo? There are some things to consider when making this choice:

• What type of event am I going to?
• Is there a color theme for the event?
• Do I look better in black or white?
• Is there a price difference in choosing a white one over a black one?
• What time of year is it?
• Will I buy a Hugo Boss Tuxedo?
• Does it need to be a double breasted tuxedo?

white tuxedos

When I hear the term black tie event, what comes to mind for me is a handsome man, wearing a black tuxedo with matching bow tie stepping out of a limousine and heading to his event. This picture is very clear in my mind.

white tuxedos

After seeing movies such as an Officer and a Gentleman seeing men wear white suits and white tuxedos also come to mind. The color white exudes elegance, clean lines, and also a special evening. If you are at an event and you spill a glass of white wine on your black tuxedo it would not be as noticeable as if you are wearing the color white. White tuxedos look great but can be very difficult to keep clean.

white tuxedos

When I think of the Caribbean and a summer formal events I think of white tuxedos as they would be cooler. My brother got married in St. Thomas and looked oh so handsome as as he said his lifelong vows to his wife. Another brother also wore a ivory tuxedo on his wedding day and looked equally as handsome.

white tuxedos

My advice is to try both of them on before making your choice. Bring someone whose judgment you trust with you and they will let you know what looks best on you. Your skin tone will also play a part in how black or white look on you.

Green Tuxedo

green tuxedo

You would think with all the recent press that staring a green career would be a walk in the park. Guess again, the fact is that while green business is doing better than many other industries right now there is a much larger volume of folks like yourself who want that green job then there are fat cats "putting up the green" to start new green enterprises. But just because it isn't a walk in the park doesn't mean a bright, determined and motivated person (such as yourself) cant find that green dream job they have always wanted. Here are a few pointers and resources to help you do just that:

1. Identify the path to your green career: So you want to install solar panels do ya? are you NABCEP certified? have you ever been on a roof? While many of these certifications and degrees aren't required for their associated trade or profession, they certainly help to separate you from the eco-herd trying to find green work these days. With a clear idea of what is necessary to obtain your desired position you will save yourself much wasted effort.

green tuxedo

2. Find what you do best and 'do it green': Starting your green career doesn't mean you have to reinvent the wheel. Are you a landscaper, become a native plant and water saving landscaper, are you an accountant? become an accountant for a green company. Waitress? there are many a vegan and organic restaurant. Now if you work out on an oil rig you might have to be a little more creative about reapplying your skills. Bio-fuel maybe? In essence just about everything done today is also being done in an environmentally friendly way, therefore it's really just a matter of finding a way to re-apply your skills.

green tuxedo

3. Learn the lingo: Your green career of choice is just like any other in the sense that it probably has it's own jargon which describes concepts exclusively relevant to those in the field. LEARN THEM- you don't want your prospective boss to ask you about your carbon footprint just to have you start checking your shoe size.

4. Don't lay the green on too thick: There are plenty of folks out their just a 'green' or 'ecology' away from foaming at the mouth on a daily basis. While this is great for the environmental movement it may not be the bullet-proof selling point you imagined. Remember environmentally minded business's are just that...businesses. While your passion and dedication is important, it is not as important to them as your capacity to fulfill the requirements of your desired position, and thus contribute to the (triple) bottom line of the company. ( also find out what the "triple bottom line" is if you don't already know)

green tuxedo

5. Let them know exactly what your looking for: This can be communicated through your resume, cover letter, and first impression. Here you accomplish two things, your implying "I want to work for you because this is a great company" instead of "I've applied at every solar panel installer in town and your my last chance" and it also communicates that this a specific interest of yours- not just something you want to run with for a couple of months to catch up on your bills. The "I'll do anything" approach only serves to communicate desperation and a mistrust for your long term intentions.

6. Match you image to your desired position: Recycled product company executive? That resume better be on recycled paper, solar installation? a tuxedo is a little much. Organic clothing designer- wear a popular organic clothing brand. These small steps combined with nuances in your behavior (say your interviewer offers you a can of soda- make sure you inquire about recycling the can.) go much farther in projecting your image as a serious steward of our environment then tooting your own green horn at the interview.

7. Volunteer for a non-profit: Working with a non-profit in your desired field not only gives you a little experience but also helps to communicates your commitment to the environment through actions and not just words. Aim for the ones that work within or beside your field of interest. (see networking below)

green tuxedo

8. Build Your Green Network: The benefits of this step are obvious for in the job world it is very much who you know. The Internet is a great place to begin this process. Once you have made positive contact with your companies of choice however your going to want to take this a step further by hitting the streets. If you volunteer for a non-profit that is a great way to begin making personal contact with people in the industry. So is attending green job fairs and environmental social events. All the while don't hesitate to drop by and start shaking some hands at your company of choice. You don't need to come on too hard at first, get some names, make a good impression and then follow up every so often until you are able to connect with the decision maker. (once a month or so) This may run contrary to some theories that everything's about the Internet- but let's face it there is no substitute for face to face contact.

9. Develop Your knowledge and skills: Their are workshops, certifications, books, training courses intern and apprenticeships available for nearly any career you can imagine. A degree is nice and is required for some careers but you can generally enhance your portfolio and knowledge greatly with little more then a months training, or a couple of courses. Workshops and courses will not only give you extra training but extra credibility as well. And remember your dream green job doesn't have to be your first green job. If you run into serious roadblocks such as lack of education or high competition within the field you can always start is a position that has access and exposure to the position you really want and then either move into it when the opportunity presents itself or apply six months later for the same position somewhere else. Then you will have the added familiarity and hopefully some relevant references to back you up.

10. Read up on the history of your profession: The benefits of doing this may not be entirely apparent at first so hear me out. So you want to manage a vegetarian restaurant. Learning a little background on vegetarianism will allow you to more intelligently converse with those who are already in the field- namely your interviewer. It will give you greater confidence in your knowledge of the subject and present opportunities in networking contexts as well. Notice how any expert in anything always seems to know those weird little facts about it that no one else cares about such as who invented the first veggie burger.

By following the tips above and combining them with persistence and maybe a little creativity your bound to find your green career in no time. Maybe this should have been number 11 but remember companies that need help don't always realize it yet. Sometimes all it takes is a well made (and well timed) offer or suggestion, pointing out how you could help their organization. The unidentified companies are naturally going to be the ones with the least competition, and often times they won't be listed in the help wanted section or have a sign on their window. Keep a focused eye on what you want and an open mind on how to attain it - and you should have no problem.

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Brown Tuxedo

brown tuxedo

Tuxedos are the tailored suit for men. It is well known for its satin lapel. This type of formal wear could be widely seen during formal dinners as well as other events like a wedding.

The name tuxedo was derived from a region in New York where the Marquis de Chastellux referred to in 1754 as the "Tuxedo Pond." The place was also called the Duck Seeder because it is a favorite place to hunt wild ducks.

The Lorillard family is responsible for Tuxedo Pond's first step to society. They have turned the place into an elite hunting and fishing resort.

brown tuxedo

Later in the year 1885, Tuxedo Pond later developed into a social district; thus it was called Tuxedo Park, with Iames Brown Potter as one of its founders. In November that year, the Prince of Wales introduced the idea of dinner jackets to Mr. Potter.

The first appearance of the Tuxedo was in October 1886. It was the first Autumn Ball of the Tuxedo Club. Griswold Lorillard and his friends who wore the wardrobe that was to be called the "Tuxedo."

They wore a red satin-lapelled jacket with no tails as would the traditional white dinner jackets should look like. And from then on, the idea was adapted by everyone else.

Today, tuxedos could be seen worn by everybody especially on formal occasions. Here are the most popular types of tuxedos and some guidelines on what occasion to wear them.

The first is the Full Dress Tailcoat. It is more commonly known as the White Tie. This type of tuxedo is perfect for formal evening weddings.

Another type is the Stroller. This type is often seen being worn by the attendants of the groom in a wedding. This type is great for a formal morning wedding.

brown tuxedo

A contemporary substitute for a formal occasion is the Notch Lapel Tuxedo. But the Peak Lapel Tuxedo is a more traditional alternative than the Notch Lapel plus it could be worn both in the morning as well as in the evening.

In choosing the perfect tuxedo, the body type of the man who will wear it is the utmost consideration. The tuxedo should not only show elegance but it should also flatter the one wearing the tux. It should be able to enhance the whole package.

For short, slender grooms, they should be looking for single breasted jackets that have long lines. A low button stance and wide-peak lapels lengthen the body visually.

They could also opt for double breasted jacket or delicately patterned vest and tie for a more stylish approach. The pants should always break somewhere on the top of the shoe. It should also slant a little downward at the back.

For short, stocky grooms, slim shawl collars would fit them best. Here the top button should be somewhere near the small of the waist so it will give the torso an illusion of a leaner waist.

Avoiding a more broad-shoulder styled jacket would also help. Men with this body type should stick to a more natural shoulder-lined jacket. This time the pants should reach the foot but be careful not to make the pant leg break too much on the foot else it will make it look shoddy.

brown tuxedo

Shawl collar tuxedos are best for tall, husky grooms. This would enhance the broad shoulders and the muscular body type of the men. The length of the jacket is essential. The fingertips should reach the bottom of the jacket. The shirt cuffs should also extend at least a half inch beyond the jacket sleeve.

Tall, slim grooms could best fit in almost any tuxedo type of his choice. But still, the tuxedo should be full and follow the lines of the body.

Boys Tuxedos

Christmas Clothes For Girls: A traditional gown coupled with elegant gloves is perfect as a Christmas dress for girls. floral attires in bright colors with designer works can also be tried. If your young girl is of bubbly kind and loves to wear dresses that needs no special management, then go for a seersucker dress with an eyelet pinafore in yellow gingham material for representing her cheerfulness. Dresses having lace works and with matching gloves and floral hats will make her stand apart. A velour tunic type snowman dress with something creative such as three-dimensional snowman attached on the straps looks cute on small girls.

boys tuxedos

Christmas Clothes For Boys:

On Christmas, an ideal dress for boys is the set that includes a vest, a long sleeved classic shirt, pants, and a tie. The most popular one is the blue shirt accompanied by a black and blue woven vest, a navy blue pant with an elastic waist. Boys love silver tie too, the one with patterns done on it in blue or burgundy. A white colored tuxedo set including a pant, a jacket, a long sleeve shirt, a satin belt and a bow tie will make your boy look like a prince. A black velvet pant, white collared shirt, a red tartan plaid vest and a matching black satin tie will also look smart. A red and blue sweater and pant set with a cute polar bear in white thread is also a good choice.

boys tuxedos

Christmas clothes for Kids: A whole lot of manufacturers are engaged in making custom kids clothingfor all occasions and Christmas is one of their hot favorites. The Plaid Jumpers in bright colors like dark red in chequered pattern look great. They are tunics worn over a white woolly cot pullover which looks beautiful on your doll like angel. They are available in all fleece prints. Go for high quality brushed fleece and the dress which are machine washable, wrinkle free and non-shrinking. For boys, matching toddler overalls and vests or play shirts are the best. For more excitement you can chose coordinating father and son shirts. The kids will love it! Christmas Clothes for Infants: Market is flooded withinfant wear having various new designs with all color combination. You can dress up your baby girl in some designer animal species dresses such as cow through one piece romper and headpiece. The head-dress consisting of two tiny butting horns that stick out of the front and with baby pink insides of the ears will give a cute look to your bundle of joy. Snowman Pant Set with matching velour striped snowman pullover shirt will be look great on toddler boys.

tuxedos for Men

Finding gifts for men can be sometimes challenging especially on the women's part. Men can be as choosy as women, as well. Although there are so many gifts available in the market, and it is quite hard to choose the best among the rest, then you can probably say that giving gifts for men is not always easy. The thing is, as the giver, you need to choose gifts according to his taste, personality and lifestyle. Think of stuff he usually do, or the things that can help him on his work or hobbies.

tuxedos for men

You want to give something elegant to the man of your life, but still clueless on what to buy? Consider the following elegant gifts for him:

Brushed Flask & Zippo Lighter Gift Set. Surprise your husband or boyfriend with a classy duo! Show him you understand because some temptations are too good to resist. This manly gift set is perfect responsible beloved who smoke, drink and give in to temptation, yet still a very passionate working man. With his names or initials engraved on each piece, this set of lighter and flask are very much appreciated as a gift.Compact and personalized, this special gift set was made for men on the go, and features a brushed finished flask that allows him to carry his favorite beverage discreetly and a matching Zippo lighter. Flask holds 4 ounces of his favorite libation.

Money Clip & Key Chain Gift Set. Together in one gift-elegant, classic, and multi-functional! Your man can get it all with this modern money clip and a matching key chain. This Personalized Money Clip & Key Chain Gift Set is easy on his pocket book, and will become memorable when you have it elegantly engraved with his three initials. Indeed a classy duo that is sure to make a lasting impression on him. For a deluxe presentation, the matching money clip and key chain are placed together on a ready to wrap black gift box. Polished silver-tone metal adds an interesting visual contrast to these hot items.

tuxedos for men

Goldplated Cufflink. For a beloved business man with style, flair and exceptional taste, this gift suggestion can complete his formal French cuff or tuxedo shirt. These traditional goldplated round cufflinks have a with mini beaded edge for an elegant finish. Make it more special by engraving his initials in classic Roman font.

Personalized 6-PC Manicure Set. You know the saying about once chance to make a first impression? This Personalized 6-Pc. Manicure Set is a classy, elegant gift that was designed with first impressions in mind, making it easy to keep nails groomed for an unforgettable handshake. Upgraded with a rugged, faux leather exterior and sturdy, stainless steel instruments, this men's manicure set is a masculine way to keep up appearances at home and on the go.

To find some more elegant gift ideas for men, visit online stores that specializes on men stuff. Other elegant choices include desk accessories, silver cufflinkss, engraved pens, engraved money clips and personalized pocket watches.

Tuxedo Studs

tuxedo studs

Have you noticed that on some websites you can purchase your own tuxedo for just about the price you would pay for two tuxedo rentals? So the next time you are in need of a tuxedo you might want to think about purchasing rather than renting. Go ahead and do your research so you'll know what you want and be ready to take the plunge.

tuxedo studs

A complete tuxedo ensemble includes a jacket, trousers, shirt, bow tie, cuff links, studs, and a cummerbund or vest. If you wear a vest, you do not wear a cummerbund. I would suggest purchasing extra ties and cummerbunds in colors and patterns for a more festive look for any occasion.

tuxedo studs

Your classic tuxedo, of course, is black but you have several collar options from which to choose. You have the notch lapel tuxedo jacket, the peak lapel tuxedo jacket, the shawl lapel tuxedo jacket, and the mandarin color tuxedo jacket. Personally I prefer the classic notch lapel tuxedo jacket but it really is a matter of choice. The shawl lapel gives the body an elongated look so it has a slenderizing affect.

You then have the trousers in pleated and non-pleated with an adjustable or non-adjustable waist band, all with a satin stripe down the legs.

tuxedo studs

There is a great selection of tuxedo shirts available. You have the classic wing collar tuxedo shirt, regular collar tuxedo shirt, mandarin collar tuxedo shirt, banded mandarin collar tuxedo shirt, piped mandarin collar tuxedo shirt and the list goes on and on.

The accessories are endless. You have the band bow tie or one of the newer contemporary style ties, the cummerbund or button cover jewelry if you choose one of the mandarin collar shirts. And, of course, the studs and cuff links. Don't forget to take a look at the tuxedo vests. All accessories will be available in an array of colors, patterns and styles. You're sure to find what you need to complete your ensemble.

Go on, be selective and individualize your look. You have a lot of styles, colors and patterns from which to choose.

Have fun and enjoy your special occasion.

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