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Tuxedo Styles

tuxedo styles

Tuxedos are no longer as commonly worn as they used to be, but for a formal event like your wedding, it's best to review and to know the basic tuxedo styles available. What you wear directly affects how you look and feel during your wedding. To help you know the different tuxedo styles available, we're providing you with information on one of the most popular wedding tuxedo styles available: the single breasted tuxedo.

tuxedo styles

The Single Breasted Tuxedo

The single breasted tuxedo is characterized mainly by its jacket. Just like other tuxedos, a formal single breasted tuxedo requires you to wear a tie or bow tie, a cummerbund or vest and matching pants.

Single breasted tuxedos are more casual than their double breasted counterparts. The jacket for this type of tuxedo closes with a narrow overlap that is fastened with a single row of buttons. Although most single breasted tuxedos are one-button, you will also find multiple-button single-breasted tuxedo jackets on the market.tuxedo styles

Picking Out Single Breasted Tuxedos

When picking out any style of wedding tuxedo, you need to first consider the time of the ceremony and the formality of the affair. Also, depending on your wedding's level of formality, you have to decide on whether or not you're going for full tails for your tuxedo or if you're going for a more casual look.

Deciding on tuxedo-color and style also depends on whether you're having a day wedding or a night wedding. You're not supposed to wear a black single breasted tuxedo to a morning wedding, but a dark gray tux instead. Forgo the full tails for daytime events and wear a single breasted tuxedo with either peak or shawl lapels. If your semi-formal wedding will be held at night, go for a traditional black, single-breasted tuxedo.

tuxedo styles

You should also consider your body frame when choosing among single breasted tuxedo styles. If you're short, pick a one-button single breasted tuxedo. You can wear a vest or a cummerbund with this tuxedo style. If you're wearing a vest, just make sure you find a low vest that will help add length to your frame. Steer clear from long tails and double-breasted coats to avoid appearing shorter than you are.

If you have a more rotund frame, wear a single-breasted tuxedo, but avoid jackets with two or more buttons. Forgo the vest if you are short and stocky.

It doesn't matter if you're buying a new tuxedo or if you're renting one. Pick a single breasted tuxedo with a classic cut, style and color for a more dignified look.

Accessorizing Your Suit

Self-expression is all good, but getting too creative with your attire for a formal wedding isn't recommended. You will find cummerbunds and vests in zany colors and designs, but keep in mind that for any formal event, especially your wedding, it's better to stick with the classics than to experiment with different wacky looks.

When to Wear It

Single breasted tuxedos are worn for black tie or semi-formal events. For a white tie affair or an ├╝ber-formal wedding, go for a double breasted suit over your single breasted tux.

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