Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tuxedo Vest

tuxedo vest

Tuxedo vests are sleeveless garments worn over other clothes and usually compliment the entire attire. Tuxedos never go out of fashion and have for long been the most preferable attires in any formal function. One thing that is sure is that tuxedos never disappoint; provided they are chosen carefully. Tuxedo vests are ideal for weddings, corporate events and of late have had a huge following among the young men who want to leave a statement during prom parties.

Dressing a man appropriately is an art and dressing in stylish attire is even harder. The main consideration when buying or putting on a tuxedo or formal vests is the texture of the attire and how they match with the rest of the clothing.

Color is very important when considering the type of tuxedo vests to buy. Colors can portray one's mood or seriousness about an event. For instance, the black and dark colored tuxedo and formal vests are very suitable for a corporate event while the bright colored ones would be perfect for weddings or most social gatherings.

The tuxedo vests are available in two different forms: as single breasted and double breasted. The double-breasted vest is more suitable for white-tie events and morning weddings as one is not only required to dress in the tuxedo but also in gloves and tails. The double-breasted vests are also ideal for stocky people and those with a petite frame. This is because they create an illusion of being more built. On the other hand the single-breasted tuxedo vests are ideal for built men as it makes them look smaller. But the vest should not have more than two buttons.

tuxedo vest

Tuxedo vests can also have fullback or adjustable backs. The fullback one is ideal for most conventional gatherings like corporate gatherings. The adjustable back vests are suitable for social events such as weddings and proms.

According to fashion experts, one should never be in a hurry when buying formal vests as getting the right one may need much consultation with experts. It's also advisable to get a tuxedo that portrays one's individuality and personality.

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