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Kids Tuxedo

kids tuxedo

The most popular wedding shoes are usually ivory in color, and they come in many styles. You can have these shoes dyed to match your dress exactly. There are other accessories that you can buy to match your shoes such as your wedding handbag.

The show styles range in style from elegant heels, sandals, ballet type slippers, peep toes shoes, sling backs, and closed toe pumps, with heels in any size. If you are going for comfort I would look to the more flat heel shoes for dancing and keeping comfortable during the reception.

I had my shoes made with the comfortable cloth clog with beautiful lace and pearl d├ęcor put on them. I wore these when I was measured for my gown. I wanted a low shoe that I knew would be comfortable for the whole evening. They were done in Ivory as I wore an Ivory gown.

Many women are going with Ivory gowns, white gowns are beautiful, but also very bright, ivory is a more mellow color. You should take a piece of the fabric from your dress to be sure that the shoes are perfectly died to match.

kids tuxedo

Often shoes can become uncomfortable if you wear really high heels and you end up kicking them off for dancing at the wedding, which is fine except your gown will drag, as it was made with the higher heel measurements.

There are many styles of shoes that you can try on at the wedding boutiques. You can choose different materials and amount of embellishments as well. Be sure that they are comfortable, and pick them up a few weeks before the wedding so you can wear them around your house to break them in. This is a great help for comfort during your big day.

kids tuxedo

Men also have a use for Ivory wedding shoes that match their tuxedo. Some men go with the ivory tuxedo and there are shoes to match for them as well. The style options are more limited, but there are a few different options. These are usually rented with the Tux.

Find a style of shoe that compliments your dress or gown. They will be noticed more when a short wedding dress is worn, and the higher heel shoes are usually the choice here. With a gown they really are not seen as much, so flat shoes will work just as well.

kids tuxedo

With a shorter wedding dress I is very important that the shoes are dyed to match the dress perfectly. You can get fabric, leather, and other types of materials. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Keep in mind that your choice will be something you will wear for several hours and late into the night in most cases. If you choose to wear heels and then switch to slippers later, watch the bottom of the gown. You can have your shoes cleaned and preserved with your wedding gown after the wedding if you want to.

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