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Maggie Sottero

Maggie Sottero

Strapless 2 piece dress with beading on the bodice and full skirt. Comes with under skirt net & matching clutch bag. It is amazing to wear and with the ruffled skirt did give a modern twist to the dress. The detail on the bodice is lovely sparkles just enough.

#WeddingWednesday: The Birth of a Twitter Trend

Just giving everyone a heads up that there is something new brewing over at Twitter that might change the way wedding pros and planning brides share their favorite wedding posts, articles, tweeps and bridal information with their followers. It's called #WeddingWednesday and it's definitely getting a warm welcome from those in the wedding niche.

Bride Tide discovered this trend via @BlissAmanda and @TweetMyWedding and was lucky enough to help introduce it to our followers. We personally feel this could be a great alternative to #FollowFriday and hope others in the bridal industry will too.

If you're onboard, spread the word via Twitter! #weddingwednesday

Yep, it's this trend is definitely taking off! Over 100+ mentions in the last hour!

Wedding Cake On A Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake On A Wedding Cake
We are definitely huge fans of this wedding cake on a wedding cake! For the record, this cake was made using genuine swarovski crystals in 3 different sizes to create the brooch with each crystal having to be held with tweezers and glued on individually with royal icing. Unique, visually appealing, highly detailed and downright stunning! {Love} it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Plus Size Wedding Dress

Plus Size Wedding Dress
Plus Size Wedding Dress
Plus Size Wedding Dress
Plus Size Wedding DressPlus Size Wedding Dress
Choosing the best plus size for your the best wedding, you must selective plus size wedding dress for your wedding in your life because wedding is one time in your life

Pink Wedding Dress

Pink Wedding Dress
Pink Wedding DressPink Wedding Dress
Pink Wedding Dress
Pink Wedding DressPink Wedding Dress
Finding your favorite pink wedding dress to the best your wedding dress

The {Heirloom} Wedding

ashley leckey photoToday's guest blog post is from Ashley Leckey, co-founder of IceMilk Aprons.
IceMilk Aprons, founded by Heirloom Designer, Ashley Leckey and her Grandmother, are rooted in the traditions of preserving your heritage. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the gourmet line of heirloom aprons are meant to bring back the notion of entertaining, the sharing of family recipes, cooking from scratch and to be a meaningful gift experience that is passed down through generations of your family for years to come.

Are heirlooms becoming a thing of the past? I have recently realized that in 20 years, our generation may not have any heirlooms to pass along to their children and grandchildren!

Exaggeration? Yes probably, but when was the last time you attended a wedding where the bride & groom where registered at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and the likes? Now, not that there is anything wrong with being practical (and certainly, I think we all love Target) but I don’t imagine there will be a set of fine china, monogrammed silver flatware, pewter candlesticks or seriously fine crystal stemware to be found in the near future.

I must say, one of my most treasured heirlooms is a full set of all-white china – it is my Grandmother & Grandfather’s wedding china. And my GREAT Grandmother and Great Grandfather’s (Nana & Pepe) wedding china is also a family heirloom as well.

There are so many delightful ways to bring tradition into your wedding. Beyond thoughtfully registering for items that will one day be treasured by your offspring, tying tradition into your ceremony with a "something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new" allows you to have the tradition but interpret it in as modern a way as you want. Wrapping your Grandmothers monogrammed handkerchief around your bridal bouquet or adorning it with an heirloom broach also give nod to your history. A simple display surrounding your guest book of past-relatives wedding portraits in gilded frames or a simple grosgrain ribbon stitched into your wedding dress with initials and wedding date make for the ultimate treasure should your dress be worn again in the family.

As you're planning, consider what heirloom touches you can add to your own special day to make the meaning deeper for generations past, present and future.
wedding heirlooms
wedding twitter
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H.R. Giger Alien Wedding Cake

If you've seen the movie Aliens, then this Alien Wedding Cake needs no introduction. We're speechless.

Alien Wedding Cake

Maggie Sottero - Irina

This Maggie Sottero - Irina has a corset back. Material is crushed taffeta with lace beading adorning neckline.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trudy Lee - 24572

LOOK your dream! princess dress Strapless boned bodice with zip up back highlighted with covered satin buttons. Satin bodice with organza trim and full tulle skirt, full net underskirt is attached. Embroidered pattern with beading adorns the bodice and skirt, giving the dress a stunning sparkle and true fairytale look. An overall glamorous fairytale gown.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Maggie Sottero - Elizabeth

One shoulder dress with full skirt in diamond white duchess satin. Stunning ruched bodice with chiffon and crystal overlay sweeping over one shoulder finishing in diagonal button detail across the back. The skirt at the front has a chiffon side inset decorated with crystals and small beads. Full plain satin train with detachable chiffon overlay trimmed with crystals and 2 flowers at the top.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Calling All Wedding Bloggers!

Everything Wedding Blog Carnival
Hey all you wedding bloggers! is currently looking for a wedding blog to host our next Everything Wedding Blog Carnival #4! The wedding blog that was scheduled to host the blog carnival will not be able to due to a family emergency, so we're looking for someone to step in and save the day!

What does hosting the wedding blog carnival entail?
Fist of all, it's a lot of hard work, but in the end, you'll get lots of new blog visitors, tons of back links and make some great contacts in the wedding industry! Here's what you would have to do:

- Find 25-30 wedding related articles/posts from other wedding blogs and aggregate them together into one blog post, each with a link to the original article/post. (example: here, here, and here)
- Divide them up into "categories" and write a brief sentence on what the linked blog post is about.
- Promote the heck out of it via your blog, twitter, facebook and any other ways you would like. (we'll help too!)

That's about it. If you are up to the task, send us an email at with your request. We'll be picking a new host on 9/27/09. The actual wedding carnival blog post must be published on your wedding blog on 10/5/09. We'll do our best to help you promote your post via our blog, website and twitter.

Thanks in advance to everyone who wants to get involved and we hope you are looking forward to the next Everything Wedding Blog Carnival as much as we are!

DIY Roses From Maple Leaves

DIY Roses From Maple LeavesAs you all probably know, we are in {love} with Luzel's iDiy blog. It seems every time we drop by, there is some spectacular handmade project that has us wanting to try our hand at some DIY fun. Take for instance these DIY Roses Made From Maple Leaves that would make for some breathe-taking Fall wedding decor. It amazes me that someone actually came up with this project, figured it out and streamlined it in a way that they can actually teach someone else to do it! That's why we love Luzel's blog! Stop by and see more great pics of this wonderful DIY project here.

DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves

Ian Stuart - Sancerre

Ian Stuart - Sancerre
An elegant gown in taffeta metal and beaded French lace. The gown is taffeta metal and beaded French lace. The gown has a strapless bodice embellished across the neckline with beaded French lace. Ruching down the bodice leads into a tulle insert. The front of the skirt is decorated with flowers, a bow and tails.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

7 Ways To Use Twitter To Boost Your Bridal Biz

7 Ways To Use Twitter To Boost Your Bridal Biz
Is your bridal biz on Twitter? If so, you know it's a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest wedding trends, news, conferences, tips and overall vibe of the bridal industry. We have built tons of great relationships using just this one social media platform and it's always a constant source for finding some great wedding blogs and articles that seem to understand the importance of "reaching out" and staying active on social media spaces like Twitter.

That being said, Natalie Bradley over at Bride Attraction just posted a great post titled: 7 Ways To Use Twitter To Boost Bridal Biz, and I must say, it's a great read for any wedding professional who is serious about publicizing their bridal biz. [Read the entire article here]

How to Assemble a Wedding Favor Box

Hey all you DIY brides! We found this neat video by Beau-coup that shows you step-by-step how to assemble wedding favor boxes that you can utilize for your wedding. Simply wanted to share it with all of our readers. Thanks!

Are "Luggage Cakes" The Next Big Wedding Trend?

If you follow us on Twitter, you know that one popular topic that we have been tweeting about is the trend of "Luggage Wedding Cakes". Seems the good people over at SlashFood are claiming these type of cakes are the next "killer trend in wedding cakes". While we can't exactly agree, we do think that any kind of "theme" cake can be absolutely spectacular if done by the right person. After doing a little research, we found this wedding luggage cake below that has us {swooning}. Don't you just love the smaller sample cakes for the guests! This beauty was created by French Kiss Pasteries.

Luggage Wedding CakesAny other wedding pros seeing this wedding cake trend?
Leave us a comment.

Benjamin Roberts - Vintage Collection 951

Benjamin Roberts - Vintage Collection 951
View the original advert on The Dressmarket
It has a hook design to allow he train to be put up. It is ivory silk taffeta with tulle, has a sweetheart neckline. There is a lace panel to the front with intricate pearl and diamant├ęs clustered all over. The dress is fitted to the hip which creates the most flattering figure / shape. Benjamin Roberts are renowned for their quality inner corset designs, which zips to close then has beautiful fabric covered buttons on top. It will 'fit you like a glove' due to their special construction and built in corset sewn into the side seams. It pulls in your waist to give you an hour glass figure, flattens a tummy and simply makes you feel confidant as well as comfortable.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

George Costanza’s Guide to Thank You Notes

George Costanza’s Guide to Thank You Notes
The guys over at The Plunge have put together this funny little article that gives some sound groom advice on the task of sending out thank-you cards after the wedding celebration. Any Seinfeld fan knows we can all surely learn a lot of life lessons from the elusive George Costanza.

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Wendy Makin

Beautiful full-beaded silk white lace dress designed by leading Australian designer Wendy Makin. Sweetheart neckline coupled with fine white capped sleeves. The delicate lace beading is shown off by the beautiful long train which can be hooked up later at the reception. At night, the light reflects off the beading making it a truly stunning dress.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bicycling in a Wedding Dress

Bicycling in a Wedding Dress
If you know anyone who wants to incorporate bikes or cycling into their wedding, then you've got to check out this great blog post over at Let's Go Ride A Bike that shows the simple elegance of adding a bicycle to the big day celebration. One interesting note is how the main problem of this theme is figuring out how to secure a bride's wedding dress to prevent it from getting wound up in the actual bike chain. Good stuff!

Wedding Statistic: Estimated Number of Saturday Weddings

Wedding StatisticThis week's wedding statistic comes from The Wedding Report. The graph estimates the number of Saturday weddings for 2010 compared to the number of Saturday weddings in 2009. With more and more brides looking for discounts to cut their wedding budgets, there are estimated to be 10% less Saturday wedding events come 2010, due to the higher cost to have a wedding on this day of the week. It seems Friday weddings are beginning to show momentum as becoming a more popular alternative.

Saturday, September 19, 2009 Wedding Shop Sale!

Hey all you budget brides, take advantage of the Friends & Family discount at The Knot Wedding Shop for a limited time - 20% off your order of $100 or more! Use code KSFFSEPT9 at checkout!

20% Off + Free Shipping at The Knot Wedding Shop

Coupon and free shipping offer expire September 24th.
Update: Plus, now get FREE SHIPPING on orders of $149 or more!

On Sale at The Knot Wedding Shop

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Wedding Tip #1

wedding tip 1 advice
Hey brides, to quickly fix a small stain on your wedding dress, simply rub a stick of plain white chalk over the spot. it will temporarily cover the stain and keep you looking picture perfect.

Pronovias - Himalaya

A classic, simple dress with a chiffon intricate bodice with halterneck. The dress can be worn with silver sandals and an ivory fur cape to complete the winter wonderland theme. The dress is very comfortable to wear and falls beautifully to compliment the wearer. The back has approx. 16 silk covered buttons to add detail to the simple train.
View the original advert on The Dressmarket

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Colin Cowie: Pinpoint Your Bridal Style

Here's a great video from featuring the one and only Colin Cowie that shows you how to discover and pinpoint your bridal style so your wedding truly reflects your personal flair that will amaze your guests.

Also, don't forget to follow Colin on Twitter!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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