Monday, September 28, 2009

The {Heirloom} Wedding

ashley leckey photoToday's guest blog post is from Ashley Leckey, co-founder of IceMilk Aprons.
IceMilk Aprons, founded by Heirloom Designer, Ashley Leckey and her Grandmother, are rooted in the traditions of preserving your heritage. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the gourmet line of heirloom aprons are meant to bring back the notion of entertaining, the sharing of family recipes, cooking from scratch and to be a meaningful gift experience that is passed down through generations of your family for years to come.

Are heirlooms becoming a thing of the past? I have recently realized that in 20 years, our generation may not have any heirlooms to pass along to their children and grandchildren!

Exaggeration? Yes probably, but when was the last time you attended a wedding where the bride & groom where registered at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and the likes? Now, not that there is anything wrong with being practical (and certainly, I think we all love Target) but I don’t imagine there will be a set of fine china, monogrammed silver flatware, pewter candlesticks or seriously fine crystal stemware to be found in the near future.

I must say, one of my most treasured heirlooms is a full set of all-white china – it is my Grandmother & Grandfather’s wedding china. And my GREAT Grandmother and Great Grandfather’s (Nana & Pepe) wedding china is also a family heirloom as well.

There are so many delightful ways to bring tradition into your wedding. Beyond thoughtfully registering for items that will one day be treasured by your offspring, tying tradition into your ceremony with a "something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new" allows you to have the tradition but interpret it in as modern a way as you want. Wrapping your Grandmothers monogrammed handkerchief around your bridal bouquet or adorning it with an heirloom broach also give nod to your history. A simple display surrounding your guest book of past-relatives wedding portraits in gilded frames or a simple grosgrain ribbon stitched into your wedding dress with initials and wedding date make for the ultimate treasure should your dress be worn again in the family.

As you're planning, consider what heirloom touches you can add to your own special day to make the meaning deeper for generations past, present and future.
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