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Pronovias Wedding Dresses 2

Pronovias Wedding Dresses
While Badgley Mischka sounds like a typical designer name, it is actually the combination of the names of two fantastic designers, Mark Badgley and James Mischka. Badgley Micschka wedding gowns follow the philosophy of their design company - bringing the elegance and glamour of Hollywood in the 1940s to a younger and modern clientele.

While this makes their evening gowns popular on Oscar night, it also makes their wedding gowns perfect for the bride who loves elegance and unique style. They create their bridal line in conjunction with Pronovias USA. The Badgley Mischka wedding gowns are beautiful creations that reflect the designers' mastery of the intricately created bead pattern. Their gowns often feature detailed beading and lace as well as couture finishing that creates a highly sought-after look.
Pronovias Wedding Dresses
Such celebrities as Jada Pinkett Smith and Tori Spelling have chosen Badgley Mischka wedding gowns for their most important days, as have many others who love their updated look of sexy and tasteful silhouettes combined with an updated vintage feel.

Their signature style is a wedding gown that is elegant, streamlined and simple, but impeccably stylish. Their customer is invariable the younger and more modern couture-seeking woman, but their style can speak to women of any age.
Pronovias Wedding Dresses
They pride themselves on choosing superior fabrics and using the finest craftsmanship in the construction of their gowns. Each gown provides an element of visual interest, either in the silhouette of the gown, or in the finishing details, such as a luxurious bow or intricate beading.

Badgley and Mischka formed their partnership in 1988, and since then have been foremost names in fashion design. Their bridal line was begun in 1996. They are known for their commitment to making wearable and simple gowns that are also simply gorgeous. "One zip and you're glamorous." is a favorite epigram from the duo.
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