Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses with short sleeves, spaghetti straps or those that are sleeveless are definitely getting more popular. A lot of brides now seem to prefer baring their arms. A bride however, should never forget that a long sleeve wedding dress is also still a good option. Why would anyone want to have a long sleeve wedding dress?

Classic History
 Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
Wedding dresses have been around for as long as weddings have been. We all know of course that a woman of long ago only had one dress option, a long sleeve wedding dress. It can perhaps be safely assumed that since the medieval era, the long sleeve wedding dress effectively gave off the message of female modesty. A traditional medieval long sleeve wedding dress would have a fully closed neckline and sleeves that went down to cover the fingers. The ancient long sleeve wedding dress however was also a statement of fashion. A wealthy bride could have a long sleeve wedding dress of velvet and damask with trimmings of satin and silk. As part of fashion, sleeve tips could extend down to the floor.
 Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
Modern Elegance

The modern long sleeve wedding dress need not follow its ancient look. A present day long sleeve wedding dress does not have to look ancient or vintage at all but still convey female modesty. Long sleeves can easily imply a highly ladylike and modest look regardless of the bodice and neckline cut. It can also effectively bring out the impression of elegant formality.

Basic Purpose
 Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
A long sleeve wedding dress has one basic purpose which is to draw attention to your upper parts. If you have hips that are either too full or too small, you may want to draw eyes to your chest and arms instead. Having long sleeves is also a great solution to square shoulders and big arms.

Modern Modesty

Some brides may still prefer a long sleeve wedding dress design simply because of modesty. You can have full long sleeves of the same material as your dress and a simple round neckline. It is possible however to still look modest but also daringly modern. Have the sleeves made of a lighter mesh material and then pick an off the shoulder neckline. You also have the option of a portrait neckline or a low v-neck cut.
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