Tuesday, March 8, 2011

June is The Most Popular Wedding Month

what is the most popular wedding month
How did June come to be the most popular wedding month?
If we dig deeper, seems practicality may be the driving force behind this modern-day wedding trend.

Back in the day, couples often chose to marry in accordance to their peak harvest time. Having a June wedding meant that a possible Summer pregnancy would still be early enough in the season that a wife could help out with manual work during that year's harvest period. It also meant that after a Spring birth, the recovered bride would be in good enough health to assist in the next year's harvest.

Ever hear of an "annual bath"? We'll apparently a long time ago, regular bathing wasn't exactly considered a necessity and was therefore reserved as a once-a-year event that the that most of the population observed during the last part of May or beginning of June. As expected, right after their "annual bath", many couples decided to tie the knot since each person was probably their most presentable (and less stinky) during this time compared to the upcoming twelve months. Totally makes sense.

The Roman goddess: Juno
Juno was the ancient Roman goddess of marriage, and accordingly, many Romans chose to honor this goddess by having their wedding in June. Many considered this month to be the most favorable time to marry and would be showered with luck and good wishes from the gods above if they did so.
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